Educate Yourself Become Richer


If you wake up at 5 a.m!! go to the garden early in the morning!! the garden Was Filled With Full OF Beautiful Red Roses!!!🌹Red Rose’s blossoms Everyday!!! Breath for a moment the Sweet Fragrances Will touch You!!! You Come evening again into Same garden!!! All Red Roses Will Wipe out! Nothing in this World is Not Parement!!! But Virtue lives Forever!!! If Something Was lost is Nothing, If Character Was Lost Everything Was Lost!! The Paradise Was lost!! IF Character  Was lost, Everything Was lost!!! Wake Up!!! Run again!!! A man look at Your appearance!! 

Educate Yourself Become Richer:Edification  Brings A Candle Stick is Upon the Mountain that gives brightness to millions of People:Edify Yourselves become Richer:Blind leads Blind Both Shall Fall into one ditch:Hard Work Presents life Prosper!!!


Suicide is Not a Answer


A Problematic Condition occurred in life!!!

Suicide is Not a Answer!!! It’s Finished!!! It’s End!!! It’s Over!!! Some Sounds like that:Likewise:But Hopes are gone Heart is Crushed:Failures around Neck But 

Suicide is Not a Answer Hope You Will Find Gateway Someday!! You Have Dreams that to be Prosperous in life!!! Suicide is Not a Answer !!!

In This World No ONE Can Care For You!!! Who Will Can Care For You!!! Who Will Understand the Pain of Lonely Soul!!! I Look Upon Snow mountains Where does My Help Comes From??? Positive encouragement in life is great Victorious in life: Push Some Positive Words into mind, bold Your destiny!!Your Destiny is Shaped by Your Decisions!! Suicide is Not a Answer!!! Be Walk into  the  Mirror Feed Yourself!!! Convey Your Feelings to Someone!!!