Educate Yourself Become Richer


If you wake up at 5 a.m!! go to the garden early in the morning!! the garden Was Filled With Full OF Beautiful Red Roses!!!🌹Red Rose’s blossoms Everyday!!! Breath for a moment the Sweet Fragrances Will touch You!!! You Come evening again into Same garden!!! All Red Roses Will Wipe out! Nothing in this World is Not Parement!!! But Virtue lives Forever!!! If Something Was lost is Nothing, If Character Was Lost Everything Was Lost!! The Paradise Was lost!! IF Character  Was lost, Everything Was lost!!! Wake Up!!! Run again!!! A man look at Your appearance!! 

Educate Yourself Become Richer:Edification  Brings A Candle Stick is Upon the Mountain that gives brightness to millions of People:Edify Yourselves become Richer:Blind leads Blind Both Shall Fall into one ditch:Hard Work Presents life Prosper!!!

 Alas!!! IF You Fold Your Hands Poverty Will Come: A Fool Cannot Understand His Correction:A Fool despite  Wisdom and Knowledge:Hardworkers are Great Winners:Laziness brings Poverty:IF You Fold Your Hands Poverty Will Come:Rich People Have Rich Friends But  Poor doesn’t Have one!! Look Upon Poor do Some Charity deeds: Love and Compassion Edify Yourselves become Richer First Edify Yourselves!!! Then all things gather together With You , Then All things Possible With You!! Possible makes Position in life Position leads Upwards to life not downwards to death:Wisers Walk that leads Upwards to life Not Downwards to death, So Keep Company With Wise You Become Wise If You make Friends With Stupid You Will Ruined Yourselves Wisers Walks that leads Upwards to life not downwards to death: Keep Company With Wise People:Keep Friendship With them make them into CUP of Coffee:INNOVATION that gives millions of ideas to the millions of People:Let Manifest Your ideas in Society: A Creator Couldn’t Quite:What is next level thinking? Positive thinkers are great Winners Rather than Negative minded people:think better!!! think Critical!!! think Awesome imagination brings innovation Leads discuss your ideas in Society:Laughing is best medicine!!! Peace begins  with Smile!!! Think better!!! Live better!!! Information is Not Knowledge But imagination is Knowledge Great minds Discuss Your ideas in Society!!! Imagination brings innovation Leads discuss your ideas in Society: Sometimes Failures are great Victories!!! On Road to Success!! What is OUR Future? Everything Went Negativity? Failures are around Neck!!!Bad Weather and Circumstances there is No Peace!!!in my borders!! Failures Showing Fingers against me!!! Depression is took place Causing Root of Evil!!! Magnification in life Failures took place!!! But Failures are great Victories: A Failure A Success Accompany of Role Models in life!!! Success brings Victorious life! How to be Successful in life!Success is at your right hand! Success is always with us! Hardwork is Success Chance took place in Position!! Position brings Success!! Achievement in Successful Carrier and Position!! You Needed Hardship! Plans to Prosper! Plans to Successful! What are the Plans You Have Make them Prosper! You May Have Plans: If Plan A Fails You Have Plan B: If Plan B Fails You Have Plan C: If Plan C Fails You Have Plan D:May Be, You may lost Everything in your life Wealth,Rejoice,Friends, etc: You Need Hope When Hopes are Gone Heart  is Crushed:Crushed Spirit Dries Up Bones, 

Who is Hopeless? Who is lonely? Who is Wicked? Thinking Possible is Hope! It’s big hope are Small Hope! But You Have Hope my Friend in God! Hope Never lost it’s still remains in Constant! Still looking Upon Mountains??? Hope that move Mountains!! A Hope derive From God! A Hope that obtain from your Friends! Your Hope Will Never Cut OFF!!! A Hope that Never Put You Shame but give Confidence!!! Its Reality! Are You in Hopeless Condition??? Everything Was gone!!! Who Will Understand the Pain of lonely Soul!!! Who Will Understand the Pain of BrokenHearts!!! I Look Upon Mountains Where does My Help Comes From? [God] is Hope to the Hopeless to the millions OF People!!! Thinking Possible better Witness In Hope!!! Dreams Comes true!!! Whatever You have lost God Will Restore in double in Your life:

Plans to Prosper , Plans to give Hope and Future: When Perfection Comes What is the imperfection Will be disappear!! A Fool Can Inspire You, A Fool Can Learn Your Habits , A Fool Can Corrupt You!!

Watchout!! Don’t trust anyone You Will become Fool!!!A Friend is Need is a Friend indeed!! A Fool Can Destroy Your Friends!! Fools Spread Gossips!!! Spread By Evil Minded People Unless they Have done Something against Us they Cannot Sleep, Its like Food and Honey to them!!! Rumours are Created BY Fools, Negative Minded People Unless they Have done Something Against Us they Cannot Sleep, it’s like Food and Honey to them: Edify Yourselves become Rich:


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