Suicide is Not a Answer


A Problematic Condition occurred in life!!!

Suicide is Not a Answer!!! It’s Finished!!! It’s End!!! It’s Over!!! Some Sounds like that:Likewise:But Hopes are gone Heart is Crushed:Failures around Neck But 

Suicide is Not a Answer Hope You Will Find Gateway Someday!! You Have Dreams that to be Prosperous in life!!! Suicide is Not a Answer !!!

In This World No ONE Can Care For You!!! Who Will Can Care For You!!! Who Will Understand the Pain of Lonely Soul!!! I Look Upon Snow mountains Where does My Help Comes From??? Positive encouragement in life is great Victorious in life: Push Some Positive Words into mind, bold Your destiny!!Your Destiny is Shaped by Your Decisions!! Suicide is Not a Answer!!! Be Walk into  the  Mirror Feed Yourself!!! Convey Your Feelings to Someone!!!

Teach Yourself, Enlarge territory ,Push Snow Mountains deeper down, Be Wise in Society, Don’t Push Negativity I’m Hopeless Person , Weak Person ,Helpless Person and 

!!! It’s Finished!!! It’s End!!! It’s Over!!! Some Sounds like that: Suicide is Not a Answer!!!

Good tree bear a Good Fruit, Bad Tree Bear a Bad Fruit but Good tree must Produce Good Fruit!!! If You See Butterfly  Before it was Ugly, Dirty, Bad, When it’s Comes out From Cocoon it Was Very Most Beautiful!!! Come out !!! Life is most Beautiful!!! Yield Goodness in Society!!! Yield Holiness in Society!!! Yield Righteousness in Society!!! Be Wise in Society!!! A Creator Couldn’t Quite!! Where there is no Vision, the people perish!!! Where there is No Vision For You, You Will be Perish!!! Your Just travelling in this World!!! I Open Knowledge Book!! I Wrote in this Something: Increase Memory Power ,Increase Speaking Power, Increase Wisdom and Knowledge, Increase life time period, Increase Wealth, Increase Hidden treasures,Increase Prosperity, Increase Honor, The Principalities I Wrote in My Heart!!! I am Traveling With them along Traveling in this World!!! My Aim & My Dream must be  FullFill!!! For Everyday Questions and Answers You Need Prayer Connection With God Prayer Makes things Prayer Changes things, Prayer Changes  You and others: Power belongs to the God  Suicide is Not a Answer!!!


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